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Our List of Gourmet Beans
Please find below list of our gourmet coffee beans.
Subject to availability. 


Brazil Pulped Natural
Brazil Daterra/Cerrado
Brazil Santos Scr 17/18
Brazil Minas Santa Teresa
Brazil Estate (semi washed & fully washed)

Colombian Excelso
Colombian Supremo

Costa Rica SHB
Costa Rica 'La Lapa'
Costa Rica Tarrazu

Colombian Mountain Water De-caf
Mexican Mountain Water De-caf

Brazil Organic
Guatemalan SHB Organic
Honduras Marcala Organic
Mexican Organic
Nicaraguan SHG Organic
Peru Organic
PNG Organic Estate 'A'
Timor Organic

Uganda Robusta Organic

Ethiopian Yirgachaffe (washed)
Ethiopian Limu (washed)
Ethiopian Sidamo (washed/unwashed)
Ethiopian Harrar Longberry (unwashed)
Ethiopian Djimmah (unwashed)

Guatemalan SHB
Guatemalan Antigua

Honduran HG
Honduran SHG

Indian Pltn 'A' Grade
Indian Robusta Cherry AB
Indian Robusta Parchment AB

Indonesian Mandheling Grade 1
Indonesian Robusta WIB1
Java Arabica Blawan
Sulewasi Toraja

Kenya AA
Kenya AB
Kenya PB

Mexican HG 

Mexican Maragogype

Nicaraguan Maragogype
Nicaraguan SHG

Panama SHB

PNG Pltn Estate 'A' Grade
PNG 'A' Grade
PNG 'X' Grade
PNG 'Y' Grade
PNG 'PB' Grade

Tanzanian AA

Vietnam Robusta

Rainforest Alliance Coffees
Fair Trade Organic Coffees
Organic Coffees

For a complete list of our Beans please click here.
Chocolate Powders
Our range of chocolate powders are as follows:

Normal Chocolate Powder (4 x 2 kg zip sealed pack)
Dark Chocolate Powder      (4 x 2 kg zip sealed pack)
White Chocolate Powder    (10 x 1 kg packs)